четверг, 21 января 2016 г.

Украшаем глазурью пряники, печенье - 2

Surfboard and Wave Cookies by @Elizabeth Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart Lockhart Kennedy Treats:
@Krystin Siciak   maybe add a starfish instead of sandals:
Airbrushing Lace on Cookies:
Decorated Basketball Cookies. JillFCS sports:
Haniela's quilted cookie tutorial:

Watermelon cookie tutorial http://www.sweetambs.com/tutorial/watermelon-cookies/:
Surfboard Cookies - by Glorious Treats
Blue Bird Sugar Cookies:
Peppermint Candy Sugar Cookies -:
So cute. Royal icing and spray color. This tutorial is done on sugar cookies but why not a cake top?:    stamped sugar cookies - so pretty:
Sprinkle Sugar Cookie Sticks #recipe from justataste.com:
Maggie Sottero Cookies | Cookie Connection:
cute sugar cookies:    Valentine Heart Iced Gingerbread Cookies Tutorial:
houndstooth cookie tutorial:
А вот и чудо-аппарат, помогающий рисовать:
Wish you had just a bit more control over the pastry bag when decorating your favorite cake, or piping icing onto cookies? Now you can fill your pastry bag with icing, and load it into this nifty holder, giving you control, precision, and less mess! Great for kids and beginners, it will have you decorating your favorite cake and cookies like a pro in no time!:
The Color Swirl Coupler interlocks 3 decorating bags so you can easily decorate treats with 2-3 colors in one motion.:

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